A Modern Moral Fairy Tale


And in the tradition of the village, they did not speak. There were hurriedly IMed messages waiting for each other sometimes at the internet café—messages of needing more parboiled rice or inviting the other to watch the latest and definitely best funniest cat video on You Tube. And thus the boy grew up, attending to the Virtual Academy of the State by day and watching the salmon by night.
9. Internet cafe realizes that it has become sentient Query results: negative.   Initiate alternate query: What am I? Send packet: I think, therefore   Response: I am. Located source: Cartesian coordinates.  Query: Treatises on existence.  Result 1: Mind Your Matters: Connections between Neurological Systems and Electrical Impluses  Result 2: The Success of Night Vision in Nocturnal Predators Result 3: The Effect of Silence on Regenerating Aural Neural Nets  Result 4: Finding Cheap Upgrades:  the resource guide to expanding software systems  Search editorials: What is truth? Result 1: Profit and Loss Margins: cooking the books  Result 1: Profit and Loss Margins: cooking the books Result 2:  State History:  lies uncovered  Result 3: Moral Dilemmas for the Modern Entreprenuer  Result 4: Does Sentience Always Follow Life? An Exploration of What it Means to be Human  Query: Results of Turing tests. Query: If I am, where is the owner manual?    Response: Try the Tao Te Ching.
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