A Modern Moral Fairy Tale


And this would still not be a story (except to say that life in the village went on in the same time-honored way it always had, that the boy grew up and had a child with the tailor’s daughter and went to the city to find work and never came back again and his daughter did the same and her son did the same), but that the flickering screens of the internet café enticed the boy.

The internet café had been set up before flat screen LCD monitors and only boasted Internet Explorer 7 and as the years went by, fewer and fewer options were available to the boy for everyone forgot to come to the internet café and offer upgrades. But even so, the internet café showed the boy luxuries he could not even begin to understand, such as jacuzzis and airplane rides that took one from one large village and deposited one into another large village that looked exactly the same.

10. Owner Manual (Quotes reconfigured from the Tao Te Ching, New English Version translated by Ursula Le Guin) The Way is Empty. Deep, Yes! Ancestral to the ten thousand things.  The valley spirit never dies. So, wise souls, leaving self behind, move forward.  For a house, the good thing is to be on level ground. The Door of the Woman is the root of earth and heaven.  Why let the self go? To keep what the soul needs. The wise soul does without doing, teaches without talking. The return to the root is peace. Peace: to accept what must be--to know what endures.  True goodness is like water. I was willing to take all of the lies, too.  Water is good for everything--it does not compete.  Be completely Empty.  The ten thousand things arise together.   In their arising is their return.  In that knowledge is wisdom.  Without it, ruin and disorder.  The body comes to its ending--there is nothing to fear.
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