A Modern Moral Fairy Tale


And that would be the end of the story, except that there was a curious old woman who lived in a tiny house at the western edge of the village. The house had once been the shipping container which had brought the furnishings and computers for the internet café, but the old woman had carved windows in the sides of the box like grinning jack-o-lanterns (a picture she’d found online and which had nothing whatsoever to do with the history of the village—so it was somewhat controversial until the others had gotten used to it), Every day, she would walk out to the rice paddies, watching the old men and old women bend down first to plant, then to weed, then to harvest.
5. Dissident Manifesto
This is my manifesto--which no one now can read.  Join with me and we will grow a new world. We will be the brave blue flowers that pollinate the new society.  Pristine spaces will give us infinite resources of wisdom.  I have seen our new dwelling places  in lush tropical gardens growing beyond the horizon.  My vision may seem far off--but together we will taste its fruit.   Together, we will eat of the true fruits and sing with the salmon.  We will learn the new languages needed to sustain our souls. How can I entice you to change your entire tradition?  We will be the crack of lightning--revealing our cataclysmic changes. Together, we will grow a world  Together, we will grow a world that renders the commercial paradigm irrelevant.   You already know the emptiness of false profits  Fill your bellies now with the Truth of sustainability.  Come share this wisdom of the seas, of the ocean, of the true community.  We will no longer be alone,   the easy prey of our oppressors.

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