A Modern Moral Fairy Tale


The curious old woman watched the woman walk toward the village from when she was a tiny dust speck moving at the edge of the horizon until she was an ant crawling at the edges of sight. She walked out to meet her at the edge of the village (which was honestly as far as she had ever walked before, because only in her dreams at night or in her daily perusals of the BBC pictures had she gone beyond the edges of the tiny village where she was born.) They never spoke, but the curious old woman took the baby from the woman, who fell to the ground, exhausted. And the old woman spooned parboiled rice into her dry mouth caulked over with sores and gave her cool, clear water that the salmon had swam in the night before (the children hauled up pails of water from the ravine each morning, before they went into the internet café to attend the State Virtual Academy for Outlying and Backwards Villages). But this was not enough to revive her after her journey, when she had of course given every bit of life to her baby and kept nothing back for herself to live on.
7. State interrogates dissident, takes over the internet cafe, and introduces the State Virtual Academy for Outlying and Backwards Villages
Log date: 10182010   09:00 hours. Began aggressive interrogation of target. 16:10 hours. Obtained names from target. 16:30 hours. Confirmed chidren as optimal objectives of target.   0:15 hours. Depublished target writings.   3:49 hours. Uncovered extent of target network.   12:19 hours. Reacquired target resources.  8:16 hours. Cut off power to target networks. Team Information-Seeding deployed 9:27 hours. Declared implementation of Virtual Academy to be successful. 10:15 hours. Began CompuSoft resources reallocation. Team Alpha-Ledger deployed.   12:17 hours. CompuSoft profits reconfigured.  16:20 hours. Hidden agendas uncovered  16:20 hours. Hidden agendas uncovered  17:35 hours. Released corrected writings.   22:09 hours. Recorded adequate initial response to Truth Campaign.  0:900 hours. Received commendation from superiors.  10:00 hours. Expanded Truth Campaign as planned 10:06 hours. Engaged minor course corrections.   12:20 hours. Dismissed reports of anomalies as unreliable.
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