A Modern Moral Fairy Tale


And so the People with Time and Money came to the village and saw the salmon. This is too easy, they remarked as they carefully took aim with the harpoons under the helmets that they had brought for just this occasion. And they ate the salmon, which they declared delicious, a bit richer than truffles but a trifle sweeter than gold-encrusted chocolates. And the curious old woman IMed the boy not to eat any, but to satisfy his hunger with parboiled rice. And so the boy did.
15. The internet cafe message travels beyond the border
There is no land so distant  as to be beyond connection. You can not stop the seeds  from scattering beyond  your control.  Acceptance requires a stint of familiarity.   Exhaustion creates its own acceptance.  How can you ensure  it is your message that is adopted? You miss so many levels of communication when you focus solely on desire.   Human motivation is much more complicated than merely what you seek.  complicated than merely what you seek.   Your writings have unintended effects.  When did you forget to calculate  these unintended consequences of your so-called success?  The overreaching need of success for more success results in the inevitable turn of the wheel.   You do not even know when you have lost control.

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