A Modern Moral Fairy Tale


The village itself was simple: a mayor, a tailor, an internet café. Old men who had toiled all their lives in the little rice paddies that led up to the village from the south. Old women who swept their houses once a day from south to north, as they had done since they were infants. Children too young to go to the city to look for factory work. And no one else ever came by.

2. Dissident sets up cafe in the village

 You would never let anything reach inside the State. your kingdom of illusion, your power of denial.  The DSM would say: a dream complex--with no way out.   Your State was dangerous to yourself and the children. I set up the internet cafe to save them.   I trawled the net for your victims.  I was the only one who gave them any hope. I taught the masses--but only those who could listen.  Behind each funny cat video, there is a message.  But you need to be awake to hear it.  You can not run away from the deeper meanings.    And so I broadcast those meanings to and from London, New York, Singapore, the beyond.   Someone would be listening. Someone would be watching.  Someone would understand. And these someones told someone else--in whispers behind outhouses.  And thus the masses yearned to be free. Learned to be free.  Until the State could no longer ignore us.   Until the State scattered us once again.  But the heart of all humanity can not be silent forever.

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