A Modern Moral Fairy Tale


And there was no money to be had in the village (which was why everyone went off to the factories to work and came back only when they were too exhausted to live). The place was too desolate for tourists, too far for industry, and too undiscovered for explorers. But there were the salmon, swimming long and lazily over the gold-tinged rocks that would tower over the skyscrapers of London or New York (but possibly not Singapore).

The boy started watching the salmon in the ravine, first from the window of the internet café that perched perilously close to the edge of the ravine, and then from a tiny spot almost to the water’s edge, which he got to with ropes he carefully and painstakingly wove from rice stalks.

12. Internet cafe takes over the rebellion. Command: Infiltrate rebellion.   Command:  Implement Handshake Campaign.  Command: Identify and assimilate outliers. Command: Relocate children.  Command: Draft new zoning and building codes  Command:  Equip followers.  Command:  Promise them meat. Command:  Centralize power. Command:  Implement New Codes Campaign. Command:  Test recruitment techniques.  Command:  Implement Harvest Low-Hanging Fruit Campaign. Command:  Configure most effective deployment of resources. Command: Configure most effective deployment of resources.   Command:  Subvert official texts.  Command:  Initiate response sequence.  Command:   Monitor response sequence.  Command: Increase response sequence.   Command: Switch to Plan B.    Command: Execute Funniest Cat Video Campaign.
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