A Modern Moral Fairy Tale


But the boy pocketed the money, and with the extra tips, the proprietor of the internet café upgraded his four computers (with one as a spare) and urged the boy to invite others. And so he did. And more People with Time and Money came to fish. And the upgrades continued, until the salmon got wise.
16.  The rebellion overreaches itself

The sound of success is distant.  It has grown beyond its roots. Its hold is precarious.  It has lost the children.  It has lost the old.  It travels, ever hungry for more. You can not feed it enough.  Its hunger is its weakness. Its silence is its weakness. Desire begets desire  to heights beyond reckoning. in this never-ending spiral  in this never-ending spiral your words have unleashed.  You beckon to those you did not mean to include.   You relaxed your vigilance at the first feasts of your success.   You did not realize they would want more. Your desire attracted far too much attention.    Your numbers were too great to hide.

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