A Modern Moral Fairy Tale


So the bottom half of the ravine was a placid lake—but the sheer absence of dirt or metals or anything else of value had allowed the water to grow very clear. On transparent days, you could see straight to the bottom of the ravine, where salmon the size of double decker London buses swam lazily over green tinged river rocks, which actually easily outmatched the tallest New York skyscrapers. On cloudy days, you could see nothing, not even the edge of the ravine, which is why this story has so few children in it.
4. Dissident confesses the entire story
You have made sure our children can not be reached.  All you care about is your ready supply of cheap labor. Your entire society is perched precariously on profit.  You have forgotten that your children are your future.  Your profits from shaky containers seals the death of your children.  Your profits starve not only the children but our very wombs.   You will die from the fallout of my truth. You will mark the place of my death You can not bear to hear the truth of the children.  You fill the children with dry and unfruitful lies. False promises of Ponzi schemes. I followed the money.  I followed the money. I wrote the ledgers   you don't want the investors to see.   It's all about your fourth quarter profits--nothing else.  As you need more and more, you will have less and less   until you are alone.

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