A Modern Moral Fairy Tale


The boy wanted these things, and he wanted a way to reach the world beyond the shipping container, mayor’s office, tailor shop, and internet café. And he also wanted upgrades so he could watch Netflicks or Hulu or fancast or the latest Chrome version because it promised so many more funny videos of cats (creatures he had never seen other than in the internet café, for the dreams of salmon larger than houses had long since frightened the cats into going deeper and deeper south into the rice paddies in search of tiny frogs and things that could easily be eaten in one gulp).

But to have these things required money.

11. Internet cafe becomes aware of the need to rebel. Query: What existed before I came into existence?  Query:  What will come after I cease to exist? Query: What is my optimum environment?  Query: What is the environment that destroys?  Query:  Why are the buildings falling? Query:  What motivates the abuse of power?  Query:  Is greed the only nourishment?  Query: How does sentience nurture itself? Query:  What is the most effective way to teach? Query: Describe efficient means of mass communication.  Command: Identify problem.  Command: Identify and expand resources.  Command: Identify and expand resources.   Command: Attract those who are awake.  Command:  Assimilate feedback.  Command: Identify imminent threat.  Query: What is the ultimate solution? Query: Must I fight the State?   Response: That is the only hope.
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