A Modern Moral Fairy Tale


He read that Time and Money could get anyone anything, and so he bought a spam email package (promising to pay with Western Union funds, but never actually doing so) inviting those with Time and Money to pay him for a fishing expedition. And, eventually, one or two responded. They figured out the logistics of coming to the village, and the proprietor of the internet caf agreed to pretend to be a hotel with Accommodations (he meant the indoor toilet, of which he was inordinately proud ).
14. Internet cafe gets a new proprietor
They came in the middle of the night.   They thought we could not see.  They were confident we knew our place.  After all,  if we did not notice the children had been replaced,  why would we notice this?  But  I see beyond in ways they do not understand. I saw the exchange.   The body taken out; the new body rooted in. They thought I would not say  that the bodies were not quite identical.   I could tell them apart by their eyes.  I understand the importance of patience.   I understand the importance of patience. I understand the wisdom of misdirection.   I understand the enticement of misinformation.   They have misunderstood the meaning of success.   They have underestimated the power of desire.   The more you hold,   the more eludes your grasp.
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