A Modern Moral Fairy Tale


Once upon a time, in a land that could not be reached by boats, and could not be crossed by air, and had only been reported in dreams, there was a village perched on a ravine.
1. Dissident rails against the State Interrogators after the fact You want my full confession.  You want me to renounce my ways.   I don't care anymore.   I want to sleep. I will give you my soul to torment forever  on the unspoken promise of five minutes of silence.  of five minutes of sleep before you invade my body again.  or perhaps I am trading my soul for an eternity  of silence you will not ever let me reach.  I coveted the ways of the West.  I wanted the full truth.  I was willing to take all of the lies, too.  I was willing to take all of the lies, too.   But you gave us only your own lies, which even you would not believe.   Yes, yes, I took my family's savings, hidden all these millenia from the State.  Yes, I created a Tesla coil responder that would work as a satellite in the high mountains.  Yes, I was the one who let everyone find out exactly what was going on.  Yes, I created the equipment that ensured you would never find us.  Yes, I was the voice that everyone heard.

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