The Official History of Salmon in Clear Water Ravines

to live

And they grew. They grew in Wisdom. They grew in Love. And the learned the secrets of enough-growth, to avoid the Too-Much, to be content with What Is.

Salmon Voices:  Personal Announcements Sealah Seakelp, Sylvia's oldest descendant, announces the birth of two runs, Sosea and Sydsea Mrs. and Mr. Salmonsdaughter announce the engagement of their son, Soronesis to Dr. Serensia Smeltseeker, and all are welcome at the celebration next Friday evening at Sylvia's Tower. Shielda and Sarl Siltstone announce their daughter's  coming out lecture at the Seatrix Sotter School for Fry next Thursday Seachristi Seaverson and her partner, Samon, Seachristi Seaverson and her partner, Samon, announce the opening of their new World Feate and Cookery. World Feate and Cookery. To Surge: I need the Truth signed, Sanie Sinogue. Seeking members for our recreational salmon water polo team. Potential for exhibition game with the orcas! Sleighton Seachristenson requests the community to return the honorarium books to his collection.