The Official History of Salmon in Clear Water Ravines

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For it is in our Community that we were created to Live.

Salmon Voices:  Local News Ancient cave-light paintings of salmon water polo were discovered in a deep cave below the Towers by a sorority band of fry who were chasing a stray school of smelt. Soroditus Seeker,  our local expert on the history of salmon water polo, declared these to be the oldest and most beautiful specimens he had ever seen. Dr. Sorensia Smeltseeker will base her next work on these paintings. Local juvenile service club mentors for fingerlings on moon phase recognition and tidal time calculations. and tidal time calculations. The Salmon Leftovers, the latest rock group to win the fingerlings hearts, to win the fingerlings hearts, will perform at Sylvia's Tower tomorrow night. They will play their newest hit single, We have only ourselves to fear. Local Council assigns Sisero Salmonback as its liaison to the Regional Council. Send him off with our love at tomorrow's rally at the Salmon Polo Grounds.

To live within our community is to find an ageless peace.
To find peace is to fulfill our destiny.
To fulfill our destiny is to drink the Timeless Waters.
To play in these waters is to understand the All that Is and the All we are.