The Official History of Salmon in Clear Water Ravines

The answer

Gather my daughters and sons. Listen. Hear. We have been here from Time Immemorial. We have known the Truth from All Time.

Salmon Voices:   This Day in History  Twenty billion, three hundred, and sixty-five million BCE  First permanent community in Clear Water Ravines  founded by Sylvia Silverside  In order to chose her mate.   Five million, seven hundred thousand and sixty-two BCE Passion Fruit migration route charted   by a group of juvenile salmon.   claiming a direct redd line from Sylvia Silverside.  Five hundred thousand, three hundred and twenty two BCE   Silences Saverplate was the first to codify   Silences Saverplate was the first to codify  the rules of salmon water polo  Eighteen BCE    Eighteen BCE Introduction of practice of fin-bowing when greeting  strangers attributed to Scunfucious   One thousand three hundred and thirty-eight CE  Sarl Song publishes the Definitive Salmon Dream Interpretation Guide. Two thousand ten CE  Official Histry of Salmon in Clear Water Ravines published.

Timeless waters seek nothing and thus choose to obtain the wisdom of everything.
Timeless waters do nothing and yet flow over all truths, over all play, over everything.
Truth fears nothing, seeks nothing, and thus lives in all waters.