The Official History of Salmon in Clear Water Ravines


Do not nurture your aggressiveness. We have outgrown our predators. We have only ourselves to fear.
Salmon Voices:  Salmon Water Polo The Spring salmon played the Summer salmon in the lower pools yesterday. The newest member of the Summer salmon made a huge splash during the match. But it was the experienced players who controlled the flow of the match-- pulling off brilliant saves at the last moment by  using the secret manuevers that Soloman Solo perfected in that famous match of ten thousand four BCE.  of ten thousand four BCE. Tonight's match will be held at the Grand Tower with its new sound system, and it with its new sound system, and it promises to be most exciting. Sponsors of the post-match party regret last week's Smelt Incident and confirm that they have taken preventative measures.  Remember, all smelt get free passes to the matches-- but are fair game at the post-game parties.

Our waters are yielding, and do not hold tightly onto things.
But with time, these flows will wear away rocks.
Whatever is fluid-- soft, patient, and yielding-- will overcome whatever is hard and rigid.
This is our paradox-- what is soft is strong.