The Official History of Salmon in Clear Water Ravines

lies in this:

Respect, my daughters and sons. Do not forget this Truth. Respect.
Salmon Voices:  Letters to the Editor Dear Salmon Voices,  I was appalled by the lack of coverage of the details of the Smelt Incident. Both predator and prey, salmon and smelt have a duty to live by the Ancient Truths. The perils of not fullly explaining this will be felt by generations to come.  the names of the secret participants must be released! Sincerely, Truth-Seeker. Dear Salmon Voices, Dear Salmon Voices, The world does love a good play, But the Smelt Incident was too much! But the Smelt Incident was too much! Sincerely, Frequent Sharer. Dear Salmon Voices, In my generation's day,the Smelt Incident would never have happened. We understood Community then. Sincerely, Seeking Respect.
Our Way flows like this.
We choose and do not forsake. We travel and never leave. We grow and do not conquer.
We do not speak-- and all is made clear. We do not summon, and we have all.
We do not plot, and our designs bring us together in the end.