The Official History of Salmon in Clear Water Ravines

flows simply.

We have watched the currents and learned from their rhythms. New water flows in from the mountain rains, familiar water seeps through the boulders to seek the Sea.

Salmon Voices:  Society News Mr. and Mrs. Swimmington-Smythe, oldest couple residing in Clear Water Ravine are staying in the lower pools with Scrumptious Salmonella while their dwelling is renovated. Dr. Silencia slipback has adopted Sarah Silvermore as her protege at retracing ancient migration patterns. Reception at Dr. and Mr. Sockerfeller's home for tomorrow's afternoon tea. Mrs. and Mrs. Sarsen have returned from their  annual month-long mountain retreat and will share their new insights at their home tomorrow.  Dr. Sorensia Smeltseeker receives the Most Ancient Honor Dr. Sorensia Smeltseeker receives the Most Ancient Honor for her dazzling light shows. Sulia Schilds will provide a feast for all in honor of her new book, Truth and Honoring Our Inner Prediators. Seawardia Segellan has returned from the NorthWest seacoast with ices for all. Sarack Sama, World Leader, gave a surprise speech at Sylvia's Tower on the meaning of blowing bubbles with love and respect.