The Official History of Salmon in Clear Water Ravines

against your skin.

They experienced the migrations, learned the perils and the routes, dazzled the Oceans with their beauty.

Salmon Voices:  Art The Most Ancient Honor is rightfully bestowed on Dr. Sorensia Smeltseeker's long and noble career spanning countless migrations of artists. Her first work debuted several generations ago-- a dazzling light show based on unpredictable warm currents returning from the NorthWest Coast.  Each of her works has centered around secret wholes, thus reveling in the process of revealing. Her latest show, Watching Time, Her latest show, Watching Time, is accompanied by the Salmon Leftovers at Sylvias Tower. The arts are bountiful now. The arts are bountiful now. Seatriz Sotters delightful paintings of smelt and shrimp, displayed at the salmon water polo grounds amply demonstrate her whimsical approaches. The World Council unveiled its new programme  Art as Real as Life aimed at fingerlings to help them grow in light and love in honor of Dr. Synesthesia Seacourt.

Try to hear everything,
direct everything, choose your destination, and you will end up controlling nothing.
The natural ebb and flow is beyond all of our grasps.
Relax. Slow down. But do not apply effort.
Play. Dream. Live. Return with ease.