The Official History of Salmon in Clear Water Ravines

The richness

Such abundance. Such richness.

Salmon Voices:  Financial News Historical data are always available in our archives--deepest hole on the left of Sylvias Tower.  Overall Resource Conservation Stability (ORCS) Index: Algae: smelt is at (1.387)42. Famed Algae Rations (FAR) stands at 12 over 36. It is not too late to check our Resource Availability Guide! Dolphins report all migration routes clear for transit.  World Accumulation Growth Energy Rate (WAGER) stands at neutral.  World Instructed Sustainability High (WISH) reached a record 12 degrees over optimal. Orcas report abundant smelt runs in Majorca. Sardines report newly excavated migration route Sardines report newly excavated migration route is still adequately supplied. Light Plays resulted in record attendance numbers. Whales overrejoiced when the whale kill ratio soared on rumors of new sunlight. The whale world leader, Whalesafoot, cautioned: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  World Council supports whale restabilization efforts and sends our love to Whalesafot and  her people.