The Official History of Salmon in Clear Water Ravines


Dream, Yes. And be wary of acting alone, on impulse. Our councils have kept us strong. Have tempered our ambitions.
Salmon Voices:  Advice Councils Dearest Ancient Ones, My father-for-redd is a Deeper Thinker rock concert next week. But I want to go more than anything else ever for all time anytime. He says that going to that concert will lead me to more Darker Thinking--  and maybe even salmon water polo. what is a juvenile to do? Signed, Desperate for Rocks. Signed, Desperate for Rocks. Dear Rock Seeker, There are plenty of ways to There are plenty of ways to talk honestly with your father-in-redd. Do not nurture  your aggressiveness, but help him to see that rock concerts do not always lead down the path to salmon water polo. You can check our Council guides for this. But mostly--remember to Love and Release.

Be content with what you have.
Choose to rejoice in the turnings and returnings and the Way things are.
When you embody the fun, you know nothing is lacking, and all you need lies truly within yourself.
All the waters envelop us and never let us go.