water finds

Sophie made her special home made sugar cookies, American sweet, with colored sugary edges. Carefully, she cut out long wavery ribbons like rivers and colored the water blue, with high sandy river banks. She fashioned boats with curving sides out of the cookie dough, standing before the oven to watch them turn crisp gold on the outside.

After they came out of the oven, she spent a few hours decorating them in bright golds and purples. Sophie rummaged through her chest to find just the right origami paper to make tiny girls in broad red edged kimonos, bright orange and yellow kites for the girls to fly and fans for them to wave. After the girls were finished, she made cranes, swans, frogs, and fish.

Her preparations did not stop there. After buying a cup of hot cinnamon chai from the New York Deli, she sat in front of the bike store on 9th and Pearl for a while, watching the web cams--one under on the eaves of the building, the other on the roof right beside the gutter. Noticed how they did not move, but the little red light on the top of the small round balls blinked every five minutes. Timing the blinking on the stopwatch she had borrowed from Amy, Sophie nodded and smiled to herself.

Then she strode off to the artist supply store on the Pearl Street Mall and bought out huge boards of poster paper, glow in the dark paints in a range of water colors--green, blues, and purples--as well as cans of silver and dark blue spray paint. Her arms filled to overflowing with message materials, she talked the sales person into throwing in a brush for free.

"After all," she said to him, "this is probably the first time you've ever sold spray paint legally. It isn't like I'm a juvenile delinquent tagger, trying to get my name out everywhere." The sales clerk tugged at the scraggly brown goatee newly grown over recent acne scars and shrugged his shoulders. "And besides," she added. "I'm paying cash. None of those filthy credit cards from me."

dowsers navigate / by the principle / water finds / ways to water / souls find / their ways / to other souls

if there are / other waters / we can not / know them / all we see / in rivers / is their presence

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