by the principle

Amy was staring at a web cam of the Thames River as Sophie walked in. Sophie looked at the time flickering in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 4:48 a.m. She started to tell Amy to get to bed right away, what on earth did she think she was doing staying up all night on the web, but stopped, entranced at the screen. "Show me some of those web cams in Boulder--right here and we can see the emptiness right here in our own neighborhood. Where can you find those?" Sophie asked, laying her fingers on Amy's over the clicking plastic keyboard.

Amy found the Boulder cams on Dogpile. She showed Sophie the views that night from 9th and Pearl. There were two:

One right above the bikeshop looking down Pearl Street and the other on the bikeshop roof looking directly across the street, focusing on a yellow clapboard house with an old veranda. In the distance, were the Flatirons. You could see just the bare outline of the darker mountains on the darker night, but Sophie knew their jutting outlines as well as she knew the outlines of her mother's time-worn face.

Sophie laid her hand over Amy's when Amy went to mouse over to another camera. "Old Mrs. Montgomery lives in that upper story window on this side, next to the street. You know her, the one I take Meals on Wheels to every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. She is the one with the odd watchcat--that psycho bob who always sits on the edge of that upper veranda there and howls at anyone passing too close."

Amy nodded and went on back to Dogpile to continue her searches. Sophie commandeered the mouse and pressed the back button like a pro. "I want to watch the house for a while. See what changes," she said. "You've had the computer so long, your neck is as stiff as that ridiculous plastic. And your skin is about the same tone as the keyboard. So give it here." Then she moused over to the print icon and pressed down for a printout.

Amy knew when to go.

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if there are / other waters / we can not / know them / all we see / in rivers / is their presence

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