precisely what

It was a good ten minutes before Amy remembered that she was staring at a computer screen and not a foaming thick river. She shook herself, trying to see the edges of the browser. But there were none. No clock monitor, no upper file bar. The screen was simply a window overlooking the wide, muddy river, with its back swirls and eddies, with thickly forested banks and little wavelets lapping the rocky shore. There were no links, no images above the river to explain what this was or where to go from here.

Amy hit option enter, ctrl + option enter, p + r + option enter. Nothing.

She was reaching for the power switch when she thought she saw Anna coming toward her in a tiny sampan from the lower right of the screen. But when Amy looked straight on (or rather, straight down) into the murky depths of the passing river, she saw nothing.

Quickly, breathing hard, she looked away at the dark bookshelves, shadowed in the flickering computer light. A flash of white raced across the bottom of the screen leaving the impression of a familiar face. Amy looked down into the river, her screen moving like a helicopter's glass floor. Nothing was under her save the swirling browns and whites of the water. Amy giggled all of a sudden, laughing uncontrollably.

Of course. She put her hands over her eyes in a child's game of peek-a-boo at the screen. Flashed her hands over eyes until the brown glow of the river was in sync with the flashing paleness of her hands. Off in an interminable distance, she heard an echoing giggle from deep within the monitor. Quickly, she pressed her hands against the warm glass and felt Anna's hand lightly touching hers. They spoke without words, just as they had eons ago as kids.

Anna told Amy exactly what to do.

in banks / below the river / changes inform / our breathing / thus we know / precisely what / matters

if there are / other waters / we can not / know them / all we see / in rivers / is their presence

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