in banks

Amy read the support for computers at UC Berkeley carefully, bookmarking positions and descriptions. Nothing really came close to who to ask for help to trace a student on the internet, but she figured that Greg Phillips, the RCC (Resident Computer Consultant) in the Foothills Building 1 would be the best person. After all, they lived in the same dorm--he probably had at least seen Anna. His personal page was pretty good: a rant about the possible outsourcing of computer help next year--a fishy move that boded evil for those who promoted technology in the dorms.

Amy could just see Anna and Greg talking over the monitors--yelling about the old farts who didn't understand the need for the connections, who couldn't see how life could be run entirely by computers--who felt at all threatened by this brave new power. She smiled over this vision as she sent an e-mail:

Hi Greg,

As you no doubt know, my sister Anna lived in your dorm and is now missing. Were you the one with my dad when he went into her room and found the computer on? He only told me that there was a computer coordinator there--he's been more than upset enough not to get details. But I'm guessing it was you, anyway.

He said that Anna's MacIntosh powerbook was on and still hooked into the campus internet system. Netscape was up, but the last page Anna visited was a 404 not found. There were no other programs running. I suspect that whatever Anna was looking at could be a major clue in where she went to or in whatever happened to her. Is there any way we could trace that link? Did anyone save her history file from that last visit? Would you still have it?

I know you probably think this is an awfully thin lead, but it really is the only one I can think of. Please help me. Please tell me where Anna went on the web that last time.


Amy Mizunami

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