changes inform

Greg responded almost immediately.

What exactly did the cops say to all this?

Greg Phillips
\RCC Foothills
\\\ When solving a "panic"
\\\\ you must first ask
\\\\\ yourself what you were
\\\\\\\ doing that could
\\\\\\\\ possibly frighten an
\\\\\\\\\\ operating system.

Amy wrote back:

Their more or less exact words were "Why would that have any bearing on this case at all? Was there someone threatening her? Someone she might meet? And if so, can you provide any clue as to whom that might be?"

Amy Mizunami

{Model: Homo Sapiens, version 1.5, alpha release }

Greg's reply was there when Amy logged in the next morning

Right. I'm your man. I'll find the history list and forward it to you. Don't do anything with it I wouldn't do <;-}

|Greg Phillips
\RCC Foothills
\\\ This came directly
\\\\\from a computer and
\\\\\ should not be doubted|
or disbelieved.

in banks / below the river / changes inform / our breathing / thus we know / precisely what / matters

if there are / other waters / we can not / know them / all we see / in rivers / is their presence

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