force that mattered

Kit told Amy that there was a lot of static on the television and asked if she knew how to fixit. She didn't tell Amy that what she really wanted was to find a way to get the waterfalls out of the television. This was something she would have much preferred to ask Anna to do, as Anna would have understood exactly what she meant. Anna would have found out right away where the waterfalls were coming from. Anna would have pinpointed the faulty wire, the loose force, and fixed the problem. But Anna was gone.

And anyway, thinking about what Anna could do was just a false attempt to make up for the times she hadn't thought about Anna--when Anna and Amy had been growing up.

She hugged Amy close and didn't say these words. Rather, she simply asked if Amy could figure out how to make the picture clearer.

Amy took the television apart and squinted at the picture tube. She could see nothing amiss--everything looked like her electronics shop teacher had said it would. She ditched chemistry class to take it to the repair shop, but the repairman found nothing wrong at all.

Kit nodded, a bit resigned, when Amy told her that nothing was wrong with the television. She hooked it back up into the bedroom and turned it on, hoping that the whole thing had been her imagination.

The water from the Rainbow Falls poured out of the set and started to rush out toward over the carpet and past the bedroom door as if it were the only force that mattered.


the water / falls / in torrents / as if it were the only / force that mattered / sweeping / everything / from its path

the word is / the sound / of water / dripping from/ ancient symbols / tiny particles / of merging / realities

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