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The Have You Seen Anna Mizunami website was sparse, but adequate. Greg had scanned in the photo used on the flyer directly, so the jpeg had great resolution. You could see Anna's dark eyes, the thin arched eyebrows looking more wary than surprised. Her hair came forward a bit to shadow her high cheekbones, caress her almost open mouth. She looked about to answer, to contineu a conversation that you could almost hear in the distance.

The language was also lifted from the flyers:

Anna Mizunami, a first year student at the University of Berkeley, was last seen in her chemistry 120 class in Latimer Hall 130 at 8:00 a.m. on Friday September 25. She purchased pizza at Beau Jo's Pizza at 12:47 that day. She was at her room in the Foothills Residence Hall at 3:10 p.m, as she worked on her computer.

This is as much as we know. Has anyone seen Anna since then? Any information would be extremely appreciated. Please contact Richard Mizunami at rmizunami@lockon.com or 510-710-1259.

Richard added the form he had made for the various Missing Person sites. When CNN and Wired wrote articles (Computer last one to see co-ed!), he called Greg, who talked him through making the links to the various articles.

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