welcome in

It took the two of them until one a.m. that night to finish the web shrine to Sophie's satisfaction.

Bill wanted to use the sample page provided by Loving Memory, but Sophie refused to have anything to do with it after she saw the Arbituary button. "Death isn't arbitrary,if that's what they meant. And we all read too many obituaries as it is. This isn't about the death, anyway. It's about who they were. Besides, that makes it sound as if their identity, their memories stopped just because they stopped living. How wrong headed could you possibly be?"

She didn't trust the programming on the in memory of Kimberly Jim Young--too complex. "That's a beautiful, a haunting site, but I want people to remember who they were, not get caught up in the technology."

She didn't like the layout on the in memory of Big Al Goldsmith site--too political." I want to know about who they were, I want a place for their souls to remember each other, to keep on living with each other."

So they settled on a simple sky blue background page with links to each photo-- in the same order as the photo album itself. "That's the way they've always seen it," said Sophie. Bill added a picture of the ancestral shrine that had always stood on the refrigerator to the first page, right above the links. Sophie wondered if they could get fresh oranges and rice, but agreed to a simple link to Indian River Fruit, an online fruit store as it was so late.

"Are you sure the spirits will know where to come? How will they know the way to the website?" Sophie asked as she put on her coat.

"Liz did. Knew right where it was. Settled there and stayed there. Yours will too. Besides, the web isn't really any place to come. It just is." Bill replied as he walked Sophie back to her car.

joining the / river's flow / is the only / way to / welcome in / anything beyond / our skin

if there are / other waters / we can not / know them / all we see / in rivers / is their presence

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