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It was then Sophie understood. She had always sprinkled salt in front of the doorway and left a trim mound of white rice and a small tangerine on the family shrine each morning. She tended the graves every Sunday, taking the workmen to task if there was one blade of grass out of place, one stem bruised from the petunias that she planted to edge the tidy graves.

But now she knew this was not nearly enough. What she needed was to re-create their memories on line. She turned to Bill, who was still staring quietly at the monitor's pictures of his past. "Would you help me create a shrine like that? A web shrine so that the souls of my ancestors know they can live in the modern world, know that they too have a place in all this electric flickering in and out. I have the pictures, all we would have to do is make them on the computer so that the web can see them and take them."

Bill said, "Yep. I could do that. Bring the pictures over to my house. Got a scanner and Dreamweaver. Got a website provider too, but you'd have to pay to put it up. I got too much stuff on mine to give you any space. But that's not a problem. Not at all. We can put the pages together just like that. Make it all fancy, too. When do you want to do it?"

Sophie replied quickly, "Now. Tonight, if we can and you aren't too tired from teaching that class. I can run home for the pictures and pick up some dinner for us both and then go out to your place and we can get them all made up."

Bill asked "What's the rush? They haven't been on the web until now, why does it have to be so fast?"

"I've been worried about them for too long," Sophie replied. "And I can't rest until I know they are all safe."

Bill drew directions to his house and said to come over as soon as she had the pictures ready to scan in.

joining the / river's flow / is the only / way to / welcome in / anything beyond / our skin

if there are / other waters / we can not / know them / all we see / in rivers / is their presence

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