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Motion and montage: Stump.


Experiment: On Your Own

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montage in film theory is editing. That's it. So it is sequential 
rather than simultaneous. There is an informal use of montage which 
can mean rapid cutting, but the key thing is it simultaneous, this 
*then* this. If it is at the same time then it is collage, but collage 
usually implies that the parts are also cut up. Manovich has the term 
spatial montage to refer to multiple windows open and overlapping at 
the same time. Adrian Miles
the older papers are at and the more relevant 
ones at



Experiment: On Your Own

time and sequence

Take videos.

Create a comic flip book--with text as well as images.

Cut out words (think about font and format) and move them through the air. Move them slowly, quickly, shakily, upside down. What happens to the connotations and the meaning of the words?

  1. Do basically the same thing as for images, only xerox the pages.
  2. Order these in time sequences.

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