Fun da mentals : Rhetorical Devices for Electronic Literature

Fun da mentals Rhetorical Devices for Electronic Literature

Electronic literature uses links, images, sound, navigation, as well as text to convey meaning. Electronic literature is ergodic, and thus it is up to the reader to piece together the materials as the reader goes through the work. Elit 101explains how these elements work to convey meaning and provides examples and exercises for each element.

Fun da mentals is a:

Rendering a piece and adding your own energy, style, and format is a powerful way to understand techniques in your bones. I designed this set of short, renderable elit pieces with these goals in mind:

I hope I have succeeded in sparking some interests and flaming the exciting fires of what is possible.

(see the Serbo-Croatian language translation of the tool page as of 11/2012. Thank you Jovana).

Fun da mentals: Links / Images / Sounds / Multiple voices / Node paths / Spatial placement/ Collage and layering / Fonts / Secrets / Random / Glossary / Tools / Teacher's Guide