Fun da mentals : Rhetorical Devices for Electronic Literature

Archiving-- a stub that will advise students on how to create works that can be archived.



Acid Free Bits

Add colophons (this work was done on this software and this hardware at this time) into your work.

Take a video of your work. Print out what you can.


You should also note that M Joyce used a particular version of Storyspace (one of the early betatesting ones) and this is important because there were bugs (features) in those versions that did not appear in other versions.  Also the version for Windows works completely differently than the one for Macs.  


Deena Larsen's Samplers was done in Storyspace 1.2c, which allowed me to double link --show a double link when someone hit the return button. I worked in Mac and the Windows version is definitely not in my artist's vision.



We'd love to show your work--either send it or send a URL for your work here to be a part of this site.

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