for shadows

Amy knew the day Anna disappeared. She could fit it together as easily as the entomologists could track the instars of screwworms.

Amy had called Anna at the Foothills Residence Hall the week after she had settled in. They talked about their chemistry classes, each giggling over the thought of the other in the back of a room with a hundred other students, listening to a tiny head far below. They were using one of the same texts, P.W. Atkins, Physical Chemistry, 6th edition, 1998, and it looked like they would cover the basics in particles at the same time.

Amy would follow along with Anna's class and they would both put their homework online for each other. This way, they could help find their ways through the mind bending subtleties of kinetic and potential energy.

Anna put up the first set of problems for kinetic energy on Tues, Sept 8, 1998, 22:08. She added a section on total energy on Thurs, Sept 17, 23:12. She accessed Amy's last material on Mon, Sept 21, 24:46 but didn't respond. Moreover, she had promised to upload the questions and results of her first quiz on Wed, Sept 31. But Amy had heard nothing. Thus, Anna had to have dropped out of the class sometime between the 21rst and the 31rst. Moreover, when Amy had called on October 1 just to see how things were going, there was no answer. And there was no answer for the rest of that week.

She had e-mailed the teaching assistant for Anna's chemistry, ostensibly to get the answers, but mostly to find out if he had seen Anna. He wrote back not to be concerned. Lots of kids failed to turn in homework and keep up on study promises. Surely Anna would be back in form--and in touch--shortly.

Amy agreed. After all, Anna was far too substantial to simply disappear into the shadows.

empty atoms / thicken / into crowds / too trifling / to be constrained / sufficient / for shadows / under the sun

the word is / the sound / of water / dripping from/ ancient symbols / tiny particles / of merging / realities

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