and destinations

The students gathered other volunteers, custodians, professors, housewives, friends of friends, the Berkeley Mac Users Group, anyone and everyone. They quickly formed organized lines, canvassing merchants, grocery store clerks, waitresses in coffee shops, bookstore owners, hospital workers, concert ticket sellers, beggars, postal workers, everyone they could think of who might meet many people in one day.

The campus print shop donated 3,000 flyers. Kinko's donated another 10,000. Richard went to Japantown in San Francisco and hunted up volunteers to take the flyers throughout the city.

They stationed permanent volunteer posts at every BART, MUNI, train, and bus station in the bay area, asking everyone who was going to or coming from somewhere. Had they seen Anna? No one had. No one called.

It was as if Anna was the only one who had left without a destination.

rivers / merge into / distant nothings / so many instances / of the same time / leave undefined / origins / and destinations

the word is / the sound / of water / dripping from/ ancient symbols / tiny particles / of merging / realities

Follow us all: Amy/Anna, Sophie/Yuki, Kit/Richard, minor characters or sift through water leavings and river journeys.