revealing the

"Is it here again? Call the priest." someone whispered.

The priest came out, dressed in the black vestments for this mass of the dead. The people came over to the door, and the priest's hand swept through him. The priest sighed and whispered softly--almost into the shadow of his ear- "Not again.Please God, help me calm them before they call the news like they did the last time." The priest turned to the crowd. "Please use the side door for right now. Mass will start soon," the priest bellowed over the crowd. And left quickly.

The crowd did not disperse, but gathered strength as word swept through the congregation inside. The little girl who had come up to him before came up now. Looked behind the door, looked into the shadow. The girl's energy seared into him like an explosion of fire.

Focused lights played on him, peering and entering where the sun refused to. He let his staff fall down to his feet and arched his shoulders into the lights, turning in the warmth like a warm rain. Reviving. "Cameras" he heard in the background. "Anyone got a camcorder?" "Look at those shadows, will you?"