is your

You could be leaning in an open doorway, your hands on your ever-so-slightly swollen belly. Telling me that you are going to have to take care of it. Knowing I will know what you mean.

You could be marching in front of a massive tree, guarding it from all comers. Telling me about how they ruin everything and someone has to take the power to stop them. Finding your own way to stop the murdering bastards.

You could be sitting at a long oak desk, edges shiny from too many passing papers. There will be a sign on your desk: the buck stops here. But we know it doesn't. The papers you sign are far too complicated for that.

You could be standing at a map, pushing in pins where people will die.

If I asked, you would tell me that this is the way it has to be.

Whatever the circumstances are, this is your reality, you tell me. Not mine. Stay out.

I nod. Turn to watch the roses bruising slightly purple in the beating rain. I know that you are wrong. But I do not tell you this.