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While individual roles and responsibilities vary in Reclamation, we no longer have the luxury of saying "that is not my job; it's the manager's purview..." or "this is my territory--and no one else's." We need to contribute our perspectives and insights to solve a wide range of problems.

Carefully determine what your responsibilities are. Talk to the people who gave you the assignment to find out who you are responsible to, what the goals are, and how far you are to go with this.

Responsibility and authority go hand in hand. However, you may be given responsibility without the corresponding authority. If this happens, see if you can work with others to discharge that responsibility. Develop working relationships with those who are above and below you in the chain of command to fulfill your responsibility. Coordinate with those who have similar areas of responsibility.

Clearly identify who has the authority to make the final decision. If not, see if you can explain to those who have authority what you think needs to be done and why.


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