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Defining Success

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A successful solution solves the problem.

Challenge --->Keep focused on the real goal:

To find, implement, and continue workable solutions that meet the need.

The decision process identifies underlying needs, and the solution addresses these needs. The solution will not address every participant's need or desire, but it will at least address the identified objective. Note that the process may not provide the only or complete solution. '

Processes which produce data and reports and meet schedules may not actually solve the problem. Proposed solutions which cannot be implemented or that fall apart after being implemented are not successful solutions. Solutions must be supported to be successful.

Recognize success any place you can. Use milestones * to recognize and celebrate* small successes. This will:


    Mark your progress


    Help indicate where you are going


    Develop motivation


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Sometimes solving the problem means leaving it alone. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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