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The couple in front of us in the Ferris wheel line are old. His veined legs, thin knob knees peer out from under bright green shorts. He strokes the ridges of her back, which you can see through her thin white cotton blouse. She asks him to put her new snood on--and they both admire the tortoiseshell plastic barrette with its dangling string bag for her hair. He puts it on. It is too much for her hair.

We watch. You whisper in my ear that that would look nice on me.

We all climb the studded silver steps up to the car. The old couple moves slowly, the veins on her hands gripping the faded green paint on the railing tightly, her feet not moving until they are sure she will not fall. You finger my hair as the couple climb slowly into a blue car.

The blue looks like them, I think. It's a dark blue like the summer sky hours after twilight.

For us a yellow car. Not the hot white yellow of an August morning, but a cartoon's bright yellow of hopes and dreams.